1. The issuer and owner of the personal, one-time and special code of the Gotrek Club is Gotrek, mountaineering and online sales, hereafter, Gotrek compani.
  2. Personal code is a code that allows all members of the club in the online store Gotrek,  to purchase items with a 5 % discount.
  3. One-time code is a code that allows all adult members of the club who buy goods in the Gotrek online store, offers a personal personal discount of 10 % for all mountain guides and education carried out by Gotrek. This discount does not apply to alpine expeditions.
  4. A special one-off code is a code that gives a one-time discount of  20 % to the product in the online store Gotrek, for all adult members of the club who were on board or training under the direction of Gotrek.
  5. Anyone who has reached the age of 16 years and who registers on the Gotrek web site, become a member of the Gotrek Club. Each member confirms that he agrees with the membership rules of the Gotrek Club at the time of registration. The club can not become a member of a legal entity. Individual physical persons can only have one personal code. One-off and special one-time code only applies for a one-time discount.
  6. For the acquisition and use of personal, one-time and special codes, the general terms and conditions of business are published, which are published on the website We reserve the right to change and supplement the general terms and conditions published on the website
  7. By completing the application for membership and registration, the buyer allows the issuer of special codes to verify all the information specified in the application and registration and process them electronically on the website Company Gotrek. is not responsible for the consequences of false information. With the personal data manager, all personal data in the application, alone or in cooperation with the contracted personal data processor, will be processed in accordance with the required applicable Personal Data Protection Act. A member of the Gotrek Club may at any time request in writing that the data controller discontinue use of his personal information for direct marketing. A member who does not wish to receive special offers can at any time opt out of any form of notification in writing.
  8. Membership in the Gotrek Club shall be valid until a written cancellation of the issuer or member.
  9. Gotrek compani is not responsible for any abuse of membership or code.
  10. Possible disputes between members and company Gotrek is settled by the competent court in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Europe.

By completing the form and registering, you confirm the agreement with GOTREK Club membership and sign in to the GOTREK Club.