Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business

Terms of business are determined by GOTREK, DEAN STROSAR, s.p. (hereinafter referred to as "tenderer"), which sells goods on the web site gotrek.si in its own name and for its own account.

Company Information:

GOTREK, gorništvo in spletna prodaja, Dean Strosar, s.p.
Grčna 19,
5000 Nova Gorica,
Slovenia (Europe)
TRR: SI56 6100 0000 7931 940
ID: 93469349
Registration number: 6638775000
Entry in the Companies Register: 1.7.2014
District Court in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Europe

Registered users

Every registered user and members of Gotrek Club has their own username (e-mail address) and password, which they present in person or as a representative of a company or organization. The password is secret and only known to the user. The user is obliged to provide credible data and data protection, so that only on his behalf and with his password will appear the person or person authorized to act on his behalf

Members of the Gotrek Club and other registered and unregistered users can buy online Gotrek, Dean Strosar s.p.

Terms and conditions

Online purchase is also possible without registration and membership in Gotrek Club.
The buyer may be a natural or legal person, taking into account the information provided at the time of registration and award of the contract. A natural person is exclusively the registered or unregistered user who acquires or uses goods and services for purposes outside his professional or profit activity.
Purchase is possible only if the buyer confirms before the award of the contract that he accepts the general conditions of business published on this site and other published conditions and changes that the manager will publish on these pages. Members of the Gotrek Club confirm the membership rules and thereby agree with them when registering and registering with Gotrek Club.
GOTREK, DEAN STROSAR, s.p. and the buyer's mutual obligations are governed by these general terms and the Consumer Protection Act.

Commercial conditions


  • Price - is the regular price at which the item is sold.
  • Reduced price - reduces the regular price at which the item is sold for a fixed or indefinite period.
  • Gutrek price - is a reduced price at which the members of the Gotrek Club pay and is 5% lower than the regular price.
  • Old price - the price at which the item was sold before the reduction.

Labeling of discounted items:

  • Seasonal / off-season reduction - marked products are currently downgraded, which is time-limited
  • Action - marked products are currently in action, which is time-limited.
  • The last pieces - are articles that have a reduced price for an indefinite period, or until the sale of stocks
  • Discounts and benefits for members of Gotrek Club:

  • Personal code is a code that allows all members of the club in the Gotrek online store, Dean Strosar s.p., to purchase all items with a 5% discount.
  • One-time code is a code that allows all adult members of the club who buy goods in the Gotrek online store, Dean Strosar s.p., offers a personal personal discount of 10% for all mountain guides and education conducted by Gotrek, dean Strosar s.p. This discount does not apply to alpine expeditions.
  • A special one-off code is a code that gives a unique discount of 20 % to the product in the online store Gotrek, Dean Strosar s.p., for all adult members of the club who were on board or training under the direction of Gotrek, Dean Strosar s.p.

For individual purchases, prices apply at the time of ordering, except in the case of a price error. Despite the constant verification of the accuracy of the published data, it can happen, All prices include VAT. Published prices can be changed without prior notice. that the published price or stock is incorrect. We will immediately notify the buyer of any errors (by e-mail or telephone) and try to find a solution for mutual satisfaction.


Discounts do not add up!

Orders, payments, delivery


You can purchase as a registered or unregistered user. Before completing the order, you must agree to the general terms and conditions and commit to payment.

Before you click on the "Finish Purchase" button, you can modify and correct all the order elements. After clicking the "Finish Purchase" button, the order is complete and a summary of the order appears on the screen. You also receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail. In case of payment under the invoice, the validity of the offer is 3 days from the receipt of the invoice

The following payments are possible:

·       Payment by pro forma invoice (for delivery by post or personal pick-up): To the e-mail address you provided in the application, you will receive a pro forma invoice upon the confirmation of the order. The payment deadline is 3 days after receiving the invoice. If we do not receive payment in our account at this time, we will consider that you will depart from the order and we will cancel the order.


·       Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and 50+ Payments (with delivery by mail or personal delivery): You will receive an e-mail address confirmation of the order, which will be delivered within the time limit set by the Terms of Business.


·       Payment by credit card  Master card, Visa, Visa electron(by post delivery or by personal delivery): You will receive an e-mail address confirmation of the order, which will be delivered within the deadline, as defined in the Terms and Conditions.

WARNING: Payment with payment cards is possible through the Paywiser payment system. For more information on card payments and Paywiser, please visit www.paywiser.eu


·       Paypal payment (by post delivery or personal pick-up): You will receive an e-mail address confirmation of the order, which will be delivered within the deadline, as defined in the Terms and Conditions.

WARNING: Pošta Slovenije charged a commission for ransom in the amount of 1.07% of the value of the ransom or, not less than € 1.05 (for an amount of ransom below 98 €) and a maximum of € 5.36 (for a ransom over € 501).

Delivery / Acceptance:

Delivery or takeover is possible only on the territory of Slovenia and the EU. The buyer chooses one of the following options:

  • Pošta Slovenije - Delivery of ordered goods is performed by Pošta Slovenije, as a rule, in the morning. If there is no one on delivery at the specified address, the courier will leave a notice and you can pick up the goods within the next 15 days on your post.

Delivery and delivery times:

The anticipated delivery time for goods is up to 7 working days, otherwise, if appropriate, longer, which we will notify you during the purchase process. The maximum delivery time is 30 days. The delivery period begins with the day the payment is received to our account.

Delivery price:

  • Free shipping for purchases above € 70 applies only in Slovenia and Croatia
  • The cost of delivery under the purchase below 70 € is charged by the Slovenian Post according to the weight of the valid postal code of Slovenia. You will be charged the cost of delivery on the sent invoice or invoice. Only in Slovenia and Croatia
  • Free shipping for purchases above € 150 applies only in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • The cost of delivery under the purchase below 150 € is charged by the Slovenian Post according to the weight of the valid postal code of Slovenia. You will be charged the cost of delivery on the sent invoice or invoice. Only in Serbia and Bosni and Herzegovina

  • Delivery and acceptance of the shipment through the European Union is paid by the buyer before the goods are accepted at the valid price list, Slovenia Postage will be charged to you on the sent invoice or invoice

Availability and stock:

Data on the availability of products is refreshed once a day. It is therefore possible that upon receipt of the order, the desired product is no longer in stock. In this case, we will notify you immediately, no later than 3 business days, as the delivery period, due to the goods order from the manufacturer, is extended to 14 days. If the buyer with a longer delivery deadline does not agree, we will transfer the amount that we have paid back to the desired account no later than 3 business days. Sundays and holidays are not counted in the delivery period

Contract with the buyer

The purchase contract between the buyer and the tenderer is concluded when the buyer pays the amount of the received proforma invoice or receives a notice by e-mail that the consignment is sent after delivery. A place is also sent to the customer by e-mail on the server of the provider where the contract / pro forma invoice is stored. By signing in, the customer can also access the archive of his orders / purchases on his profile.

The customer receives an invoice in receipt of an invoice in which, in addition to the cost specification, instructions are given for possible withdrawal from the contract / purchase.

Rejection of the order

GOTREK, DEAN STROSAR, s.p. it may refuse an order which it finds impossible under such conditions.

Withdrawal from the contract / purchase

Natural persons who conclude a contract / distance purchase in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act shall have the right to announce, at the latest within 15 days of receiving the goods at the address info@gotrek.si, that they deviate from the contract / purchase, without the reason for his decision had to be stated. The return of the received order to our address within the cancellation deadline (14 days) is considered a notice of withdrawal from the contract / purchase. In the event that the buyer withdraws from the contract / purchase with a message at info@gotrek.si, the goods received must return to our address within 30 days after the message. GOTREK, DEAN STROSAR, s.p. the amount of the received payment for the returned goods will be transferred to the buyer on his bank account within three days of receipt of the returned goods. If the customer begins to use the product, however, he considers it, he loses the right to withdraw from the contract / purchase. In addition, the goods returned must be returned undamaged and unchanged, unless the goods have been destroyed, defective, lost or their quantity has decreased without being the buyer for it. The cost of returning goods is paid by the buyer.

If the contract is carried out by a legal or natural person performing a gainful activity, regardless of its legal form or ownership, and in cases where the purchase is not carried out on the basis of a distance contract, the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply. In these and similar cases, any claims for the return of goods will be treated individually, taking into account as far as possible all reasons and circumstances.


For products purchased in our online store, all warranty conditions apply in accordance with Slovenian law. The guarantee can be enforced only when the account is submitted. The guarantee can be enforced at Gotrek's headquarters, Dean Strosar s, p.

Site information

We reserve the right to make substantive and other changes, both general terms and conditions of online store. Despite the constant concern for the up-to-date and correctness of the published materials, the content errors of the website are possible and we do not assume responsibility for them.
We try to provide the best photos of the products sold, but nevertheless, it is necessary to take photos as symbolic


The published content is or is owned by GOTREK, DEAN STROSAR, s.p., whether GOTREK, DEAN STROSAR, s.p. for publishing the consent of the author. Any copying, citing, copying, copying and dissemination without the knowledge of GOTREK, DEAN STROSAR, s.p. is prohibited.

ZEPT standard

GOTREK, DEAN STROSAR, s.p. it operates in accordance with the Electronic Commerce Market Act (ZEPT) and its adopted regulations.