Singing Rock-Safety chain

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Singing Rock-Safety chain

Innovated and patented „daisy chain" for higher safety when aid climbing

16 mm webbing in the form of an adjustable lanyard which avoids

DANGEROUS use of the traditional daisy chain

double loop at the end provides a safe, adjustable attachment of the

climber to the anchor point

safe way to shorten your adjustable lanyard to any loop without using

more than one carabiner or unclip the first loop

great device for speed wall climbing and for your vertical adventures

available in two lengths, 140 cm (56 in) or 120 cm (48 in)


Color: mix

Material: polyamide

Strength: sling 22 kN, single loop 3.5 kN

Width: 16 mm

Length: 120 or 140 cm (48 or 56 in)